Services Offered

Jessica D. LeBlanc, CPA, LLC is experienced in private industry, litigation services, public accounting and business consulting, with an emphasis on the following:

  • Business Consulting Services
  • Business Valuations
  • Economic Damage Analysis
  • Expert Witness
  • Expropriation Analysis
  • Financial Analyses, Forecasts/Projections
  • Forensic Accounting Services
    Anti Fraud & Investigative
  • Insurance Claim Analysis
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Litigation Support Services
    Lost Profits / Marital Dissolution / Personal Injury / Succession
  • Outsourced CFO / Controller Services
  • Special Purpose Analyses


  • Is your company in need of any ACCOUNTING SERVICES on either an interim or on-going basis, such as bookkeeping, CFO or Controller type positions?
    • We can help set up your accounting system or review the current systems in place in order to ensure efficient operations as well as to maintain your accounting records on an ongoing basis. We can also help you find a full time accounting type person to fill the position at your company and train them accordingly.

  • Does your company have a CASH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in place?
    • We can prepare cash projections, set up collection policies, and/or determine the effectiveness of the accounts payable system.

  • Is your company the victim of / does your company suspect FRAUD OR EMBEZZLEMENT?
    • We can work with you and/or your attorney in order to trace assets as well as to quantify losses related to the fraud / embezzlement. We can also help your company set up the appropriate fraud detection and prevention systems.

  • Does your company have an INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEM in place?
    • We can set up the appropriate internal control system, which can include the preparation of an accounting policies and procedures manual (also referred to as a “hit by the bus” book). We can also review the current internal control system in place to ensure its effectiveness.

  • Does your company have any or expect to have any LITIGATION DISPUTES involving financial matters?
    • We can work directly with your attorney or help you locate the appropriate attorney. We are specialized in the quantification of economic damages as it relates to breach of contracts, business interruption claims, lost profits, marital disputes, personal injury, and wrongful death.